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Sumr Soudi Breez: 
As a respected Yoga teacher, her passion is to effectively communicate the connection and balance 
of Mind, Body, and Spirit via Breath, Movement, and Sound. Seeking to bring theory, science, 
and benefits of Kundalini Yoga, available to all. Sumr has an incredible gift of identifying 
mis-alignments and offering tools to release!  She gently guides each individual to tune into 
their being, connecting deeper within to invoke healing. She is a 
Qi-gong/Tai Chi Easy 

Practice Leader using Traditional Chinese Techniques invoking the body to release its own medicine! 

Release Thru Breath offers modalities to expand the power of our life force ---- the BREATH.   
Over 20 years of experience as a personal trainer, inspirational speaker and guide;

Sumr offers specialized classes for Individuals of all ages, body types and all levels.

Specialized Classes for Veterans, Seniors and Special Needs

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Sumr's classes, workshops or individualized, personalized sessions can help clients

experience Trauma Release, PTSD Relief, Meditative Relaxation and Holistic Health.

Sumr's sessions, chair stretches and personalized workshops can assist Seniors

with Meditation, Release, Relief, Flexibility, Strength and Holistic Health.

Special Needs:
Sumr's experience with Special Needs populations has provided these clients

with better health and enhanced well-being.