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Sumr Soudi Breez: 
As a respected Yoga teacher, her passion is to effectively communicate the connection and balance 
of Mind, Body, and Spirit via Breath, Movement, and Sound. Seeking to bring theory, science, 
and benefits of Kundalini Yoga, available to all. Sumr has an incredible gift of identifying 
mis-alignments and offering tools to release!  She gently guides each individual to tune into 
their being, connecting deeper within to invoke healing.  She is a 
Qi-gong/Tai Chi Easy 

Practice Leader using Traditional Chinese Techniques invoking the body to release its own medicine!

Release Thru Breath offers modalities to expand the power of our life force ---- the BREATH.   
Over 20 years of experience as a personal trainer, inspirational speaker and guide;

Sumr offers specialized classes for Individuals of all ages, body types and all levels.

tools to enhance your balance, flexibility & strength!
Now offering online sessions ...
or schedule a 20-minute free demo session
sumr soudi breez @ 602-561-9312

Release Thru Breath ~~ Testimonials

"Sumr's DVD helps the viewer understand details and benefits of each exercise.  Her demeanor  is beautiful, calm, patient and kind.  She covers quite a bit of techniques and exercises which are valuable for people interested in teaching chair exercises classes.  It is obvious she is a well-seasoned teacher."  Office Manager at a Yoga Studio; Phoenix, AZ

"Sumr has been a blessing providing gentle exercise options for our clientele ages 75+."  C.K.; CK Fitness,Inc. 

"Sumr has taught me breathing exercises, chair stretches, chanting, chakra clearing and trauma release. Using these tools as I continue my life's journey is a blessing, thank you, Sumr."  Gi Gi; Glendale, AZ 

“I was feeling broken and at my naturopath recommendation, I worked with sumr to help me open and cleanse my chakras.  after a few sessions, I began to feel whole again.  Several people tell me I have a new light in my eyes. 
 Sumr has given me many helpful tools and I am so grateful!” 
 A.F.; Property Accountant; Phoenix, AZ

“...through yoga, breath and sound, Sumr has an ability to watch your movement and ascertain the root cause of

pain, discomfort. I've worked with her since 2001 and even though I now live 3000 miles away, I go to her for  recommendations. I live pain free when I keep up my practice. She has a gentle touch paired with a core strength

of the strongest oak. I recommend her for one-on-one, team training, youth development and healthy practices.”   
R.F.;  Sound Healer; Connecticut

"Sumr's classes are relaxing and fun.  She understand not everybody is the same.   She encourages you to do your

best and find your happy place."  C.J.J, MPH, Community Health Educator

"Can we do class again, teacher because it felt ssoooo good?'" a wise 4-year old  

”This is an AWSOME program!! I have used it daily. Great for those of us that have fibro and other health
limiting issues.  Thank you sumr soudi breez for this gift.”  K.T.; Peoria, AZ

"I learned how physical stretches affect me internally."  a High School Athlete

"Once I remembered to use all breathing techniques Ms. Sumr taught me, I was no longer affected by

my sister's anger."  a 9th grander; Phoenix Basis School

"I have experienced peace & comfort in each class."  B.E.;  North Tempe Multigenerational Center, Tempe, AZ

"Sumr's geriatric yoga sessions are a healthy and therapeutic gift to our aging military veteran population.

 They enjoy her instruction and encouragement.  She really knows her stuff."  G.R.K., MC, LPC; Counselor

"Sumr is a delight as a person and a yoga teacher.  I remember to breathe as the power of the breath

is the focus of her her classes.  That has made all the difference in my practice."  D.E.; Psychologist, Phoenix, AZ

"This class helped me work on my patience."  a Vietnam Veteran

"Trauma release clearly showed me that we lock many unwanted memories in our cell and thank God 
they can be released with this work."  B.W.; Teacher, Phoenix, AZ

“Sumr helped me regain my strength ~ bless her in all she does to help others.“ L.R.;a  95 year old  Phoenix, AZ

"Sumr teaches to fit our needs and help achieve mind/body balance.  She taught me techniques to  

help alleviate & eliminate pain."  R.D.; Working Mom, Scottsdale, AZ 

"'Sumr is so helpful and knowledgable about yoga.  She explains ideas perfectly.  She understands all the

students and guides us throughout each session."  Mesa Community College Student 

"Sumr's class has helped my stiffness in joints; she offers a wonderful, relaxing class for mind, body & soul." 

 B.S.E.; a Senior at North Tempe Multigenerational Center, Tempe, AZ

"Sumr is a great spiritual representation of humanity.  I recommend her class to anyone who wants to

improve vitality, flexibility or spirituality."  Dr M.R.; DC; Phoenix, AZ